What is…The One 1@ A Time Internet Rule…?

The One At A Time Rule

Dear Reader,

Sometimes we get so bombarded with shiny objects and the next best thing, when the Logic is right in front of us. Surely you must’ve noticed the Tsunamis of Affiliate Links flooding every Social Platform on the Planet? Well, that is So Not how to earn money online because you are annoying your audience at best. You have to be objective and sequential to build your online income stream, because it’s like assembling a machine where every tactic and method have a place.

What exactly is the One at a Time Rule?

What this means is that you might want to Focus All Your Attention On One Product, Method and/or Tactic At A Time while constantly analyzing. Never attempt to master everything at once because you will get lost in information overload and it will only confuse you and make you lose sight of your goal. Hence the reason why it is so important that you actually purchase and test the product you want to promote first. Focus your energy on that one product and learn everything you can which will make your content creation so much easier. Once you have proper product knowledge and also established your niche, you are ready to proceed.

Based on that one product you can now create your website and if you use Go Daddy, then you’re in for a treat because you get a domain, website builder and an outlook email address for every domain individually. Now you can base your keyword targeted content on that one product you wish to promote and do share some free tools you use by including a “Tools I Use” page on your website.

Yes, having your own domain and website is necessary regardless of how much you would like to avoid it because that is where your content will turn a visitor into a buyer. You need your web form to be on your home page and once again your content will determine the rate of new subscribers to your list. The One at a Time Rule also works great with regards to correspondence because you must have a Contact Me page on your website where a visitor can ask a question. And that is one of the tactics to get known as a professional.

Your content creation, audience engagement, comments and posts will be considered more professional when you include your own website in your signature. All your articles and eBooks will contain this same website in the signatures and references. Instead of having a hundred products out there each with 200 visitors, You Will Then Have One Product Out There With 20,000 Visitors. The best part is, because it’s your own website you will soon see continuous traffic as your site gets indexed and ranked in Google.

Be Prosperous,

Deon Christie