The New Preferred Internet Craze is… Yes, Blogging

Blogging The New Internet Craze

Valued Reader,

When you get started on your journey into the Blogging world, many newbies find themselves a little lost on the two largest blogging platforms namely Word-Press and Google Blogger. Starting your own Blog is crucial because besides publishing articles and eBooks, your Blog will also direct a lot of targeted visitors to your website. It can seem quite technical when you visit either of these two Blogging Platform Giants but in fact it’s really not all that complicated. A few simple rules and tactics, like keyword research and page rank plays an important role.

Basically You Can Just Go Ahead and visit Word Press (.) Com or Google Blogger and follow the easy steps. Based on some recent engagement with my Groups, Followers and Friends it is clear that many people are still struggling to setup a Blog. Not to mention Blog post scheduling and establishing the right times to Blog. Blogging is an Art and should only re-direct your visitor to your own website which is also the only link you include in your Blog Post Signature. Starting a Blog from the ground up will require tactics like keyword research, choosing the right domain name and Blog Title. Starting your own Blog is tiny objective steps in the right direction.

Therefore it is always important to have at least one keyword or keyword phrase you wish to rank for in both your domain name and blog title. Your Post Content should also contain some of the keywords that would best target your individual niche because that is equally important in reaching the right audience.

Follow these simple tactics, methods and illustration and you’ll be well on your way to posting on your own Blog before you know it. The tutorial is aimed at simplifying the process.

Wishing You Prosperity,

Deon Christie