Generating Sales Online by Creating Order

Creating Order And Generating Sales

Dear Reader, 

Yes, you must create order in your Internet Empire if you’re going to beat the competition, and it’s an Impressively large Crowd you’re competing against. Everything you do online must have a place and a purpose. Let’s just look at things like Commenting and Posting.

Firstly, and Most Importantly you must establish exactly Where you want to Comment and/or Post. You Must focus on sites within your Niche, and if you don’t know your Niche yet then you must start by establishing your profitable niche first. It also comes highly recommended that you check the Page Rank of a Particular site, and if the site is in fact Indexed in all Major Search Engines.

All the sites you check up on, must be bookmarked and categorized. Let’s take Forums for instance. Create a Folder Like “Forum Comments” and perhaps Niche, that’s up to you to decide. Within that folder, you then create Sub-Folders Like “Page rank 1” – “Page Rank 2″…etc. Now you know exactly what page rank you engage with, and you can check the results by using different URLs. Preferably Blogs.

As for your Content, same rule applies. Create a Primary Folder with Sub-Folders where you record and save all your content. Categorize every Post, Each Article and leave nothing out. This way you will build a Giant Register of Relevant Content which will be your Most Powerful Secret Weapon later on your journey.

It’s really as simple as Sub-Folders because you only want to create order. Even your passwords and usernames, create an appropriate Excel file and Password Protect that file. That way, you don’t have to use the same login details for all your sites. Always have unique login details for every site where you are registered.

Remember that creating order takes time, but everything worth while normally does take time. Success is only tiny objective steps in the right direction.

Wishing You Prosperity, 

Deon Christie