Do This Research Before Commenting and Posting

The Importance of Research And Knowledge

Valued Reader,

Let me guess, you’ve been commenting and posting on more Websites, Forums and Blogs than you can remember? With absolutely No results and you cannot understand why, right?

Well many newbies find themselves in that position and the only reason why I can provide you with a solution is because I too have been there. Just before we proceed, always remember to categorize and store everything you do. Create folders for all your Bookmarks and content, so you know what you share and on which sites. Tracking and Quality Content is much more important than volume.

There are Three key Factors to Consider.

1) Did you check on the Page Rank of the particular site you intend on Commenting and Posting to? A lot of people are Posting and Commenting their hearts out on sites that are Not Even Indexed In Google yet. Now that on it’s own completely defeats your purpose. You can use This Free Google Page Rank Checking Tool, to do just that.

But there are a few rules to getting the correct results;

When you do check the page rank of any site, you want to limit your search to the Primary domain only. An Primary domain will end with (.com – .info – .net – .co) and so forth, any forward slash (.com/home_addittion) must be disregarded in order to get a correct result. Also note that when the URL starts with https// instead of the usual http// without the “S“, then you must remove the “S” or you will get the wrong result and lose out on High Page Rank Exposure. Concentrate on Sites with a Page rank from 0/10 to 1/10, because when a site has a Page rank of 0 then it is Already Indexed In Google.

2) Is your content of the Comment and/or Post relevant to the particular Discussion and/or Site Niche. This is a common mistake made by many affiliate marketers in particular. A Post and/or Comment is not a sales page, therefore you Never Sales Pitch because your content is an attempt at Engagement. You simply don’t leave a comment and/or post involving dieting ideas or sites on an Internet Marketing site. Any Professional Web master will simply remove your Post/Comment.

3) Do You Satisfy A Need That You Have Established Within The Audience? Satisfying a need is very important, and if your site is not within the Niche? Then I would strongly advise you to rather use a Cloaked link to One of your Social Profiles. This way you don’t lose out, because when a visitor lands on your social profile they will be able to connect with you. When you do have a solution, then be sure that the solution is accessible from your own Website and/or Blog because you Never Share raw Affiliate Links in Posts and Comments.

Your hard work will be seen as Spam, and as in Reason 2 it will simply be deleted. Follow these simple Guidelines, and you will have much better results.

Be Prosperous, 

Deon Christie