Be Creative And Expand Your Capabilities

Creativity And Knowledge Capability

Dear Reader, 

Research is one of the most important ingredients of your imminent success on the internet. Testing Products, Systems and Tactics is how you gain knowledge on your Niche. And that is how you will be able to present your audience with relevant and useful content. Let’s just say you’re testing a system that claims to deliver more traffic, then pay close attention to what you learn and then Get A Little Creative. Add a little spice, using your own initiative.

Let me explain – I’m not talking advanced technical stuff, and expert knowledge. No, basic things that perhaps you haven’t thought of yet. Quite a while back I was going through some training on WordPress and S.E.O. Now part of the traffic driving tactics covered was Social Bookmarking, which is a Great way to get exposure. Now the only “Spice” I added, was to search hundreds of bookmarking sites and filtering the really High Page Rank Ones. I landed up with 28 Social Bookmarking Sites, all Page Rank One to Three. The Social Bookmarking site presented in the particular training is a Page Rank Five Bookmarking Site.

Nothing wrong with the Page Rank Five Site, it’s been giving me great results ever since. But I got Greater results from the Higher Ranking Social Bookmarking sites. I guess the equation is simple; The Higher The Rank, The Better The Traffic Boost.

Trust me, it’s the simplest of methods and tactics that delivers the truly outstanding results. But the challenge is to be able to come across the right tools and tactics to use. Most of which is actually right in front of you, but the shining light of instant riches in the distance blinded us all when we got started.

Forget the distant promises, everything you need is Right In Front Of You. All you have to do is Pay Attention, take your time and watch training videos a hundred times over if you must. Any Program, System, Tactic and/or Method requires you to Master each step individually before moving on.

Rushing and Jumping Steps in an attempt to “Make Money Faster” will only result in disappointment. It’s not always the Program that is wrong…

Wishing You Prosperity, 

Deon Christie