Another Method To Increase Your Google Rating

Increase Your Google Rating

Dear Reader,

Surely you must have been wondering how the super affiliate marketers get their blogs indexed and ranking so fast. Basically, it’s an entire worksheet of tiny steps and application adjustments. Actually a lot more than I could cover in a single post, without turning it into a few hundred pages eBook.

For this reason, I have decided to focus most future posts to cover this sequence. For the purpose of this post, we’re going to add an S.E.O plugin to your blog. This will help a lot with your exposure, and making your site a lot more S.E.O friendly. Now, in my opinion you should add the “All In One S.E.O” plugin, but you may also heard of or decide to use “Yoast S.E.O” as an alternative. The choice is entirely up to you.

What is an S.E.O Plugin? – When you install and activate an S.E.O plugin, you basically create order on your blog. This makes it more attractive when your site is crawled by search engine spiders. The search engines will know exactly what your site is about. This makes it easier to categorize according to the keywords you wish to rank for, and increase your traffic considerably.

How to Install All In One S.E.O – Click on the “Plugins” tab in your WordPress c-Panel, scroll your courser down and click on “Add New”. To the top right you will see a “Search Plugins” window. Type in “All In One S.E.O” and press enter on your keyboard, because clicking your mouse will not start the search. Another window will open and you will see a plugin with a Blue Shield named “All In One S.E.O Pack”, click on Install. And on the next window, just click on “Activate Plugin” and you’re done.

When installed correctly, you should see a tab marked All In One S.E.O with a little shield next to it. Click on that so we can quickly set your title and description based on your niche. Scroll down to “Home Page Settings” and enter your Home Title. Try to have at least one of the keywords in your domain name, also in this title. Your Home Description is where you target keywords and anchor text and must Not contain any special characters, it is Not S.E.O friendly. Special characters like – %&*$#@?!_) should be avoided in both site title, and post titles. Scroll down to the bottom and make sure that “Disabled” is selected under “Keyword Settings”. Next you just click on “Update Options” and your site home page is S.E.O ready.

You will also notice the same steps required in every separate blog post, and this is what’s going to put your blog traffic on steroids. Target the relevant keywords in every single blog post, because each one will now be like a tiny “Mini Site” and independent URL pointing to the Primary Blog Domain.

And this is exactly how your Blog will get you 1000 times more exposure, because that’s the maximum posts per blog allowed in the search engines.

Wishing You Prosperity,

Deon Christie