Adding the Alt Attribute to Your Blog Images

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I actually have to make time to record Videos and write a few eBooks explaining all my WordPress methods and tactics. It’s a considerable amount of time to make, so currently I’m just breaking it up into several posts. Besides, it’s just another excuse for me to Blog…

Your Blog images all have inventories that need to be filled correctly which is another tiny tactic that will increase your targeted visitor count. And most times when you upload an image to your WordPress cPanel, the credentials are not completed. Luckily to correct all this in the same place is quite simple, and it will boost your ranking capability.

You want to click on “Media” right beneath “Posts” in your c-Panel and all your images will load on a front page display. Next, you simply click on the first image in your collection to open the image and data.

To the Right you will see a window with a few credentials, and the URL should automatically redirect to your Primary Blog Domain. You will also see the Title, Caption and Alt Text which is what this post is all about. Adding the Alt Attribute to your image will make it more visible during a Search Spider Crawl, and also make your blog more SEO friendly.

You need to fill out all these details for the image you have as an image tag on your WordPress blog. You should notice the details being updated and saved automatically, and once saved you simply move on to the next image.

You can do this by going back to your Media, or simply click on the arrow for next in the top Right hand corner of the attachment details.

The Alt Text you are adding is the Alt Attribute that Search Engines are looking for, and you should keep it under 60 characters but 50 is more advisable. Different Search Engines have different limits, so play it safe at 50 because you don’t want you description to show up incomplete.

Think of your Description as kind of like a Tweet, and no more than 160 characters but once again around 150 will be more advisable. And never include any special characters like (# $ @ % & *_) because they are Not S.E.O Friendly. Instead of &, rather complete the sentence by adding And.

If you’re following my other posts and blogs, you will find many of these free little tactics. The things you see on my blogs are all content created through personal testing and application. Besides, it’s kind of a rush when you see results.

Wishing You Prosperity,

Deon Christie